Privacy Policy User Agreement

To meet the requirements of both supply and demand and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results, the Chinese-Funded Enterprise Recruitment Website in South Africa(hereinafter referred to as “this website)signs the following personal information data authorization agreement with users:

Who Are We

This website is a platform for job supply and demand and information exchange between Chinese-Funded Enterprises and users in South Africa, providing information release and related human resources services such as recruitment and job hunting. To achieve this goal, the collection of user personal information data is required.

Data Collection

This website only collects the user’s personal name, gender, education background, major and other job-related information, and conducts relevant processing.

The information data obtained is only used by this website and will not be used by any third party.

Legal Basis

This website collects, transmits, and processes personal information data in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR)and the Personal Information Protection Act in South Africa(POPIA), and strictly implements the relevant provisions of the above laws on data use.

Security Measures

This website will take appropriate and reasonable technical and organizational measures to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of personal information data in its possession or control to prevent loss, damage or unauthorized destruction of personal information, and illegal access or processing of personal information.

Safety Hazard Notification

If there are reasonable grounds to believe that any unauthorized person has accessed or obtained the user’s personal information data, that is, a data breach has occurred, and the user must immediately notify this website in writing, by email or other accessible physical address or postal service address, this website will take immediate measures and report to relevant agencies within the time prescribed by law.


If the user is over 18 years old and agrees to the above matters, please tick “Consent” below to enter this website and use the relevant services provided by this website.

Users can withdraw their consent at any time, or request to delete or correct their access information, etc. This website will cooperate.

If this website needs to further process the collected user data, and the processing purpose is different from that when the information was obtained previously, this website will first obtain the user’s consent.

Cross-Border Transmission

We will transfer your personal information data to third-party country.